Fall 2022 Semester Programs are open for registration!

Fall 2022 Semester Programs are open for registration!

Enrich your child’s educational experience with after-school and weekend programs, or our Home School Explorations series.

Semester programs meet every other week, while home school programs meet once per week. Each program follows a semester-long schedule and is facilitated by Explora educators.

For information or to learn about scholarship opportunities for programs and camps, email reservations@explora.us or call (505) 600-6734.

Semester Programs

Semester Programs

Growing a Scientist™

For Ages 2 ½ – 5

In Growing a Scientist™, preschoolers ages 2½ to 5 and their parents or adult caregivers make discoveries about science by questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Early childhood educators engage children and their adults in science and engineering activities that incorporate art, literature, and fun! Each session focuses on a different theme. Activities change each semester. 

Science to Grow On™

For Grades K-3

In Science to Grow On™, children in grades K‒3 make discoveries by questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Experienced educators engage children and their adults in age-appropriate activities that incorporate science, art, and fun! Participation of parents or adult caregivers is encouraged, but not required.

Engineering Investigators

For Grades 3-5

Design, Engineer, Build! In each class, Explora educators engage children in activities that use the engineering design process to solve a problem. Whether it’s building a suspension bridge or figuring out what gears are best to use on a bike, children will have fun designing and building, perhaps without even realizing they are honing their problem-solving skills and learning engineering and physics principles! Activities change each semester.

Bricks 4 Kids After School

For Grades K-5

Join guest educator Bricks 4 Kidz in this 6 week Fall Semester After School Series.

Bricks 4 Kidz is an interactive, hands-on, STEM focused afterschool program that allows students to explore their inner engineering skills. We build motorized LEGO® models, each one designed with your students' skill and learning level in mind. Students see their favorite things come to life from animals to their favorite amusement park rides! Students have fun building while you know they are engaging those important math and engineering skills.

Afterschool STEM Club

For Grades K-8

Spend time with Explora exhibits, do STEAM activities, and get moving by spending time outside.

Home School Explorations Series

For K-9th graders (ages 5-15)

Home School Explorations Series

Be curious, discover, experiment!

Explora’s Home School Explorations Series offers your child a semester of weekly, hour-long experiential science, technology, and art programs. Each Exploration is facilitated by Explora educators. These are hour-long, materials-rich classes that actively engage every child in inquiry activities. In these classes, children will make discoveries in science, technology, engineering, math, and art through questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Children will be encouraged to build their own knowledge and cultivate skills such as observation, creativity, critical thinking, cooperative learning, communication, and innovation as they explore a different topic each week. Class topics change each semester.

Home School Explorations

for grades K-2 (ages 5-8)

View Home School K-2

Home School Explorations

for grades 3-5 (ages 8-11)

View Home School 3-5

Home School Explorations

for grades 6-9 (ages 11-15)

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