Adult Night 18+

Adult Night 18+

Fired Up!

Friday, April 9, 2021 (Virtual)


Join Explora for our “Fired Up!” Adult Night, an evening of fiery activities to spark your interest!

This virtual event comes complete with your own physical Adult Night in a Box upon registration. Each box is designed for two people to explore the science of fire, heat, and much more.


  • Code Hot
    • Heat things up with secret messages
  • Memory Wire
    • Code a wire with heat to remember your name, a shape, or a heartbeat
  • LED Fire Box
    • Add a cozy feeling to your next date night in with a safe indoor "fire"!


      • Fire Tornado
      • Lycopodium Fireball
      • & More!

      Register now for the virtual Adult Night link and materials box

      Explora members* $22.50  
      Non-members $25 

      1. Online: You can select as many boxes as you'd like, each box is for two people to attend together. Email to set up multiple shipping locations.

      Register Online
      2. Call the Adult Night Coordinator at 505‐600-6594 or e‐mail

      Adult Night Fired Up Graphic

      Adult Night in a Box: What's in it?

      • Hands-on STEAM Activities

        • Heat revealed ink
        • Heat coded Memory Wire
        • LED fire box 

      Science Card Game designed by Explora

      Tea from Figment Tea Shoppe & Gallery

      Live Music from The Cumberlands

      Cancellation Policy

      • Upon registration, you will be able to pickup your Adult Night in a Box curbside at Explora or confirm your shipping address.
      • Once your box has been picked up or shipped, cancellations result in forfeiting total paid.
      • Cancellations made before your box has been picked up or shipped will be subjected to a $1 processing fee.

      Fall 2020 Class Schedule

      Spring 2021 Class Schedule

      January 20–May 1, 2021

      Crazy Concoctions

      Wed., Jan. 20/ Thurs., Jan. 21/ Fri., Jan. 22/ Sat., Jan. 23

      Be an inquisitive scientist as you concoct new substances. Investigate their characteristics as you first observe them and then manipulate them with your hands.

      Static Power

      Wed., Feb. 3/ Thurs., Feb. 4/ Fri., Feb. 5/ Sat., Feb. 6

      Get charged up about electricity. Make your hair stand on end with static electricity and go fishing with a balloon. Make a static box to take home.

      Make Sense of Your Senses

      Wed., Feb. 17/ Thurs., Feb. 18/ Fri., Feb. 19/ Sat., Feb. 20

      Explore each of your five senses as you feel different textures, match pairs of scents, trick your eyes with illusions, identify mysterious sounds and more.

      On a Roll

      Wed., March 3/ Thurs., March 4/ Fri., March 5/ Sat., March 6

      Observe and compare rolling systems using recycled materials, cups, and marbles. Test which shapes roll the best and create a roller coaster for marbles.

      Wonderful Rainbows

      Wed., March 17/ Thurs., March 18/ Fri., March 19/ Sat., March 20

      Separate light into the color spectrum and experience the colors that make up the rainbows. Use a variety of items to find rainbows and enjoy a colorful snack.

      Floaters and Sinkers

      Wed., March 31/ Thurs., April 1/ Fri., April 2/ Sat., April 3

      Roll up your sleeves and experiment with  fruits, vegetables, and other solids to classify them as floaters or sinkers. We’ll modify materials to make them float or sink, and design a foil boat to carry a cargo of pennies. How many pennies will your boat hold before it sinks?

      Balancing Act

      Wed., April 14/ Thurs., April 15/ Fri., April 16/ Sat., April 17

      Can you balance on one foot? Test out your sense of balance as you explore counter balance and center of gravity. Make a balanced art project to take home.

      Fruit or Veggie?

      Wed., April 28/ Thurs., April 29/ Fri., April 30/ Sat., May 1

      We’ll dissect different fruits and vegetables to find out what’s inside. Which one do you find the most interesting? We’ll make colorful fruit and vegetable prints to take home and more!

      Activities vary from semester to semester. For more information about this program please contact our Reservations office.

      Phone: 505-600-6734


      Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323