Engineering Investigators

Engineering Investigators

For 3rd–5th graders, at Explora

Fall Semester: August 24 – December 3, 2022

Design, Engineer, Build!

In each class, Explora educators engage children in activities that use the engineering design process to solve a problem. Whether it’s building a suspension bridge or figuring out what gears are best to use on a bike, children will have fun designing and building, perhaps without even realizing they are honing their problem-solving skills and learning engineering and physics principles! Activities change each semester.

In-person classes will meet all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety. Masks are recommended but not required (Explora staff will be masked).

Meets every other week for 1½ hours.
Parent or adult caregiver participation is welcome but not required.

Class schedule

   Meets every other week:

  • Saturday Mornings,  9:30–11am

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Explora members* $150 per child per semester
Non-members $170 per child per semester

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Fall 2022 Class Schedule

Fall 2022 Class Schedule

August 24 – December 3, 2022

Sculptural Drawing

Saturday, August 27

What if your doodles and drawings could stand on their own?  Use 3D pens to sketch out your work, stitching it together until it becomes a three-dimensional work! What other materials could you include into your creation so it can roll or move?   

Super Structures

Saturday, September 10

Work large scale and build in all directions to fill our classroom with interesting and strong structural forms and ceiling-scrapers! We will put ordinary objects to the test to see how tall or strong they can be.  

Paper Chain Reaction

Saturday, September 24

Cut, shape, fold, rip and crinkle all kinds of paper to link together a chain reaction for a marble. How can you best guide and direct your marble as it swerves and rolls throughout its path?

Water On The Move

Saturday, October 8

Where does the water from the tap come from? Start by building a model aquifer and experiment with it before and after a contaminate enters the system. How can you clean up and purify this water before the well runs dry?

Cast Away

Saturday, October 22

Shape a mold, mix up your plaster and create a cast!  Can you make something new look like a fossil from the past?

Animate It

Saturday, November 5

Your drawings will take on a life of their own this week when we delve into traditional animation techniques and styles. Spin the zoetropes and phenakistoscopes and flip the books as you explore persistence of vision.    

Creative Programming Part 1

Saturday, November 19

Take animation to the next level with coding and a micro:bit! Using this small computer clad in 25 LEDs, what patterns and animations can you program?

Creative Programming Part 2

Saturday, December 3

Revist the micro:bit and experiment with its sensors! How can you program the micro:bit to interact and react to various inputs?  

Activities vary from semester to semester. For more information about this program please contact our Reservations office.

Phone: 505-600-6734


Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323