Home School Explorations Series

Home School Explorations Series

For K–2nd graders (ages 5–8 years), at Explora

Fall Semester: September 19-December 6, 2022

Be curious, discover, experiment!


Explora’s Home School Explorations Series offers your child a semester of weekly, hour-long experiential science, technology, and art programs. Each Exploration is facilitated by Explora educators. These are hour-long, materials-rich classes that actively engage every child in inquiry activities. In these classes, children will make discoveries in science, technology, engineering, art, and math through questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Children will be encouraged to build their own knowledge and cultivate skills such as observation, creativity, critical thinking, cooperative learning, communication, and innovation as they explore a different topic each week. Class topics change each semester.

In-person classes will meet all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety, with a limited number of children per classroom and social distancing implemented when possible. Masks are recommended but not required (Explora staff will be masked). 

Choose one day/time:   

  • Monday, 1-2pm (at Explora)
  • Tuesday, 10:30-11:30am (at Explora)
  • Tuesday, 1-2pm (at Explora)

Registration Fee

Explora members* $105 per child per semester
Non-members $120 per child per semester

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Explora’s Camps & Programs

Explora educators develop activities with children’s developmental levels in mind. Your children will have the opportunity to learn from, and work with older and younger peers and make new friends.


  • You can register online, by phone, or download and mail/fax the completed registration form.
  • Please have the following available when you register: emergency contact name and phone numbers; name of alternate adults who can pick up the child; child’s medications, dosages, and physician’s name; child’s insurance information, as well as any allergy or special needs information for your child.

Call: 505-600-6734. Our reservations office is open Monday-Friday, 9am–5pm. Para español, llame al 505-600-6734, de lunes a viernes, 9am–5pm.

Email: reservations@explora.us

Mail: Explora Reservations 1701 Mountain Rd. NW Albuquerque, NM 87104

Fax: 505-224-8325

Cancellation Policy

  • If a cancellation is received more than 5 business days before the camp, a refund will be issued for the amount minus a 15% administrative fee.
  • Cancellations received 5 business days or fewer before the camp will not be refunded.
  • Full fees will be refunded if Explora cancels a program

Fall 2022 Explorations Schedule

Fall 2022 Explorations Schedule

September 19 – December 6, 2022

Crazy Concoctions

9/19 or 9/20

Be an inquisitive scientist as you concoct new substances. Investigate their characteristics as you first observe them and then manipulate them with your hands.

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

9/26 or 9/27

Sort a variety of leaves and observe them up close. Discover how special leaves are when you examine the colors in a green leaf and enjoy leaf patterns with rubbings and prints.

Is it an Insect?

10/3 or 10/4

Watch insects in action, discover how many legs insects have, and find out what they eat. Arrange your own insect house for a live insect.

On a Roll

10/10 or 10/11

Observe and compare rolling systems using recycled materials, cups, and marbles. Test which shapes roll the best and create a roller coaster for marbles.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

10/17 or 10/18

Investigate mirrors, reflection, and symmetry as you compare your image in concave and convex mirrors, build kaleidoscopes, and make symmetrical art to take home.

What’s That Sound?

10/24 or 10/25

We’ll observe how sound waves travel through water or air, producing vibrations. Experience cup phones and build your own kazoo and quaker.

All About Air

10/31 or 11/1

Catch some air and see how it takes up space. Experiment with the power of compressed air and investigate how moving air interacts with objects.

Mysterious Matter

11/7 or 11/8

Investigate solids and liquids, comparing and contrasting different states of matter. Experiment with mystery mixtures and make bottles of swirling liquids.

Static Power

11/14 or 11/15

Get charged up about electricity. Make your hair stand on end with static electricity and go fishing with a balloon. Make a static box to take home.

In a Spin!

11/21 or 11/22

Experiment with spinning and twirling, looping and whirling. Make your own spinning tops and twirly birds to take home.

Patterns on Parade

11/28 or 11/29

Explore patterns in nature, create a variety of symmetrical and repeating designs, and make your own patchwork quilt pattern.

Under Construction

 12/5 or 12/6

What did the "three little pigs" learn about structure? You'll become an architect and builder as you experiment with a variety of shapes and materials to test for strength and stability.

Class topics vary from semester to semester. For more information about this program please contact our Reservations office.

Phone: 505-600-6734

Email: reservations@explora.us

Para información en español, llame al 505-600-6734