Home School Explorations Series

Home School Explorations Series

For 6th–9th graders (ages 12–15 years), at Explora

Spring  Semester: January 29 - Apr 23, 2024

Be curious, discover, experiment!


Explora’s Home School Explorations Series offers your child a semester of weekly, 75 minute-long experiential science, technology, and art programs. Each Exploration is facilitated by Explora educators. These are 75 minute-long, materials-rich classes that actively engage every child in inquiry activities. In these classes, children will make discoveries in science, technology, engineering, art, and math through questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Children will be encouraged to build their own knowledge and cultivate skills such as observation, creativity, critical thinking, cooperative learning, communication, and innovation as they explore a different topic each week. Class topics change each semester.

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  • Mondays, 1pm-2:15pm 
  • Tuesdays, 1pm-2:15pm

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Explora members* $120 per child per semester
Non-members $135 per child per semester

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Explora’s Camps & Programs

Explora educators develop activities with children’s developmental levels in mind. Your children will have the opportunity to learn from, and work with older and younger peers and make new friends.


  • You can register online
  • Please have the following available when you register: emergency contact name and phone numbers; name of alternate adults who can pick up the child; child’s medications, dosages, and physician’s name; child’s insurance information, as well as any allergy or special needs information for your child.
  • If you need assistance, please contact reservations at reservations@explora.us or 505-600-6734 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

    Cancellation Policy

    • If a cancellation is received more than 5 business days before the camp, a refund will be issued for the amount minus a 15% administrative fee.
    • Cancellations received 5 business days or fewer before the camp will not be refunded.
    • Full fees will be refunded if Explora cancels a program

    Spring 2024 Explorations Schedule

    Spring 2024 Explorations Schedule

    January 29 - April 23, 2024

    Mystery Mixtures

    MON Jan 29  / TUES Jan 30

    From forensics to fireworks, chemists learn about interesting substances by performing various tests. Using chemical analysis and powers of observation, participants will determine the composition of a mystery mixture. Chemical reactions, suspensions, solutions, and mixtures are all part of this mysterious exploration.

    Creative Carbohydrates

    MON Feb 5 / TUES Feb 6

    Welcome chemical chefs new and old into the delicious Explora Kitchen! Learn about sugars and experiment with determining which foods contain carbohydrates and how to make the perfect loaf of bread.

    Makey Makeys: Game Controllers

    MON Feb 12/ TUES Feb 13

    Use microcontrollers, your knowledge of conductivity, and most importantly, creativity to create your own game controller with a Makey Makey!

    Microcontrollers: Game Controllers

    MON Feb 19 / TUES Feb 20

    Explore the world of microcontrollers to create your own interactive game with a Micro:bit! Code, edit, and test to start your journey into the world of game creation. 

    Hydraulics and Pneumatics

    MON Feb 26 / TUES Feb 27

    Use compressed air or the power of water to learn about hydraulics and pneumatics. Then, build a machine that transmits power using air or water.

    Time to Reflect...and Refract

    MON Mar 4/ TUES Mar 5

    Use lasers, prisms, lenses, and mirrors to explore ways to control and direct light. Use a variety of materials to learn about their optical properties, and then use your knowledge to build a refracting telescope!

    Facts of the Matter

    MON Mar 11 / TUES Mar 12

    Atoms in motion—fast or slow—determine the states of matter we know. We’ll use liquid nitrogen (-320° Fahrenheit) and other materials to explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gasses.

    Density Liquid Layers

    MON Mar 18 / TUES Mar 19

    Delve into density: the property of matter that determines whether objects float or sink! Compare the densities of salt solutions and a variety of liquids, and make a submarine that both sinks and floats.

    Chance or Lucky Guess

    MON Mar 25 / TUES Mar 26

    By flipping coins, rolling dice, picking marbles from a jar, and collecting data on candy, we’ll discover that some outcomes are predictable. Run experiments, collect data, and determine the probabilities of certain outcomes for independent events.

    Turn, Turn, Turn

    MON Apr 8 / TUES Apr 9

    For a fun spin on science, try some experiments using rotation! Feel torque as you spin on turntables, and explore the rotational momentum of spinning objects as you manipulate variables like size, mass, distribution, and shape.

    Up in Flames

    MON Apr 15/ TUES Apr 16

    Put on your safety glasses as we experiment with combustion and explore oxygen’s effect on flames. Can you keep your forest of matchsticks from going up in flames?

    Soil & Compost

    MON Apr 22 / TUES Apr 23

    Dirt, soil, or compost? Find out what soil, dirt, and compost are made of, investigate their properties, and unearth some surprising discoveries!

    Class topics vary from semester to semester. For more information about this program please contact our Reservations office.

    Phone: 505-600-6734

    Email: reservations@explora.us

    Para información en español, llame al 505-600-6734