12 months of math

12 Months of Math is an exciting new program to help Albuquerque families engage with math and help them prepare for good jobs in our local industries like science, technology, and health care. Each month will focus on the math skills needed for different careers including agriculture, computer science, finance, engineering, and more.

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Parents' Corner

Each month, 12 Months of Math will offer theme-based math events, and resources to help you talk about math in your home. Starting with Parents’ Corner, find a Math Talk topic, a calendar of easy daily math activities to do with your family at home, career connections for math in each themed industry, and links to other resources.

Math Talk

Tips to help change the way you talk about math with children.

Daily Math

Math special events, and activities that you can do daily with your kids.

Career Connections

Interviews and videos about career opportunities within each themed industry.

Math Resources

Links to other fun math websites and apps to help you make math fun.

Math in Agriculture

Mathematical concepts and tools are utilized regularly in farming and ranching to estimate yields, plan for seed, fertilizer, water, and feed requirements, and prepare products for market. The programs are designed to provide concrete examples of math in agriculture, and to raise awareness of math components to the various careers associated with the agriculture industry.

Math in Aerospace

October’s Math in Aerospace is coming soon.

Daily Activities

12 Months of Math is made possible by contributions from our title sponsors:

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12 Months of Math, a project of STEM-NM, is a city-wide initiative designed to explore and celebrate math’s importance to our community and in our lives. 12 Months of Math will provide community-based, culturally-relevant, multilingual family math programs for the public. Each month of math will focus on a selected theme and will provide math activities in a real-world context, supported by local business and organizations whose work relates to the month’s theme. 12 Months of Math brings together the varied expertise of partner organizations and coordinates efforts to bring about significant improvement in children’s math outcomes.

STEM-NM is New Mexico’s nationally-designated STEM Learning Ecosystem, working to increase the prosperity of our community by engaging students and preparing them for jobs in our local science, technology, and health care sectors.

September Agriculture
October Aerospace
November Matter & Energy (Sandia National Laboratories)
December Coding (Intel)
January Health
February Mechanical Engineering
March Sports
April Financial Literacy (Fidelity)
May Nature
June Media Arts
July Sound Engineering (iHeart)
August Design & Architecture

12 Months of Math is a project of the NM STEM-H Education Hub, designed to explore and celebrate math’s importance to our community and its presence in our lives.

Math literacy is critical to doing well academically, graduating from college, having strong career opportunities, maximizing lifetime earning potential, and contributing to a strong economy.

However, 91% of NM eighth graders are not proficient in math (New Mexico Voices for Children 2017 Kids Count Data Center, based on 2014-2015 PARCC scores).

12 Months of Math is a call to action to address this urgent issue. A powerhouse of cross-sector partners will launch the project this September 2017, bringing events to families throughout central New Mexico.

12 Months of Math will change the equation through a series of fun, hands-on, community-based events that engage students, teachers, and families in celebrating the importance of math. These activities will be designed to change attitudes about math and link Albuquerque families with math-rich resources.

To become a corporate sponsor, contact Kristin Leigh at kleigh@explora.us

12 Months of Math is looking for math events and opportunities to engage New Mexico families. If you would like to share math information with us please fill in this contact form.

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