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Drop in every Monday for Makerspace Open Hours from 3-5pm!

Studio Inventivo is a space at Explora for children and families to use tools and technology to transform familiar materials into projects that highlight the intersections of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). In this space, visitors can design a concept or project idea, create a prototype or test version of their design, and share stories about the process of creating their project through displaying their work or recording a digital story at the Story Kiosk station.

Visitors will have access to a variety of hand tools, electronics, textiles, wood, and paper including cardboard with which to bring their ideas to life. Explora makers and educators will be on hand to provide coaching and encouragement. Community makers, inventors, and tinkerers will be visiting at times for special hands-on programs to share their craft and stories of their careers.


On any given day, in the Studio Inventivo workshop area, we will offer a multitude of ways to explore, connect, test and invent. Visitors of all ages may:

  • Learn to use real tools
  • Interact with simple robots
  • Try woodworking basics
  • Experiment with conductivity to incorporate circuits into projects
  • Engineer new ways to attach materials without using glue or tape
  • Generate mathematical patterns as a part of weaving or sewing
  • Design a structure modeled after nature
  • Invent mash-ups of science + art!

In the Studio Inventivo classroom area, visitors will have access to more advanced tools and technologies supported by trained staff to guide their design process. In this area, at scheduled times, visitors may:

  • Create digital design files to be used for 2D or 3D projects
  • Learn to code creations
  • Experiment with 3D pens and 3D printers
  • Engage with guest makers and STEAM professionals
  • Cut or engrave a range of materials with our Epilog Laser Cutter
  • Learn skills like soldering, sewing, sawing, and more!

Check our Special Events page and Calendar for upcoming Studio Inventivo workshops and special themes.

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