Science to Grow On for grades K-3

Fall Semester 2017
August 26 – December 16

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Grow your love for Science!

In Science to Grow On, children in K-3rd grade make discoveries by questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Experienced educators engage children and their adults in age-appropriate activities that incorporate science, art, and fun! Participation of parents or adult caregivers is encouraged, but not required. Following the program, enjoy a snack.

Explora members $140 per child per semester
Non-members $160 per child per semester


Science to Grow On

Three ways to register:

  1. Online: Select a session day and time to register online

2. Mail: Download, print, and mail registration form:

3. Call Reservations at 505-224-8341.

Fall 2017 Class Schedule:


Saturday, August 26
Water is all around us, but have you ever stopped to examine it? Is it sticky? What absorbs water the best? Be prepared to get wet as we dive into the science of water!


Saturday, September 9
Experiment with spinning and twirling, looping and whirling. Test different materials and sizes of axles and spinners as you build your own spinning creation.


Saturday, September 23
Discover how light and color behaves with liquids. Use test tubes and pigments to create multicolored mixtures.  Experiment with a variety of translucent and opaque materials. Take home an artful creation inspired by stained glass artists.  


Saturday, October 7
How is a bird’s beak related to the type of food it eats? We’ll explore animal adaptations and meet some of Explora’s educational animals.


Saturday, October 21
Explore the properties of various types of sugars as you examine samples with microscopes and create new mixtures. Use different types of candy to experiment with melting, color change, and more.  


Saturday, November 4
Leaves give us oxygen, shelter, and shade. They can even give us food! Explore all the beautiful and wonderful things leaves have to offer!


Saturday, November 18
Some things float, others sink. Can you turn a sinker into a floater?  


Saturday, December 2
Explore these three simple machines and discover how they can make work easier. Find out where they’re used and create a chain reaction using levers, pulleys, and ramps.  


Saturday, December 16
How do colors move? Use chromatography to reveal hidden colors in markers, food coloring, and more.        

Class topics change each semester.

Reservations office: 505-224-8341
Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323

Explora’s Fall Clubs & Programs

Explora educators develop activities with children’s developmental levels in mind. Your children will have the opportunity to learn from, and work with older and younger peers and make new friends.


  • You can register online, by phone, or download and mail/fax the completed registration form.
  • Please have the following available when you register: emergency contact name and phone numbers; name of alternate adults who can pick up the child; child’s medications, dosages, and physician’s name; child’s insurance information, as well as any allergy or special needs information for your child.


505-224-8341. Our reservations office is open Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

Para español, llame al 505-224-8323, de lunes a viernes, 9 am – 5 pm.


Explora Reservations
1701 Mountain Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104


Cancelation policy

  • If a cancelation is received at least 5 business days before the first class, a refund will be issued for the amount minus a 15% administration fee.
  • Cancelations received fewer than 5 business days before the first class will not be refunded.
  • Full fees will be refunded if Explora cancels a program.

Spring 2017 Class Schedule:

Rolling Up and Down

Saturday, January 13
Put your engineering skills to work as you use different materials to make objects roll. Compare rolling systems, test different shapes and materials on a variety of surfaces, and explore friction.

Printing Patterns

Saturday, January 27
Patterns are all around us. We’ll study patterns and explore different ways to make and print our own patterns.

Super Materials

Saturday, February 10
Discover the properties of some amazing materials as we make our own slime, use heat to change materials, and much more.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Saturday, February 24
Discover how straight lines can bend and how movies are made as you play with toys, and use art to investigate how optical illusions are made in your brain.

Innovative Engineering

Saturday, March 10
Investigate the strength and height of various constructions. Build structures and bridge the gap between materials and design.

Chill Out

Saturday, March 24
Discover how super cool science is! Test a variety of substances and how they react to ice. Melt away any preconceived notions as we experiment with temperature, size, and shape—with shattering results!

Bubble Solutions

Saturday, April 7
Use a variety of materials and solutions to experiment with bubble blowing. Make colorful bubble prints to take home.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Saturday, April 21
Discover the origin of a plant by dissecting a seed and finding out what makes it grow. Investigate seeds, soils, and roots. Take your plantings home and watch them grow.

Sand, Silt, and Clay

Saturday, May 5
What is silt? What is sand? Use microscopes to look at sand from a variety of places and make your own sand. Explore the wonders of clay and make your own clay pot or sculpture to take home.

Class topics change each semester.

Reservations office: 505-224-8341
Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323

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