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Science to Grow On™ (grades K-3)

science-to-grow-on-mainFall Semester 2014
Aug. 15 to Dec. 6


Science to Grow On is an engaging experience for children in kindergarten through third grade. In these classes, children learn about science by questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Participation of parents or adult caregivers is encouraged,but not required.

Each session of Science to Grow On meets every other week. Class periods include over an hour of activities focusing on inquiries in science and art. Following the programs, there is time to enjoy a snack and experience Explora’s exhibit activities together. 

Registration fees:
member rate - $140.00, non-member rate - $160.00


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Class Schedule:

Water, Water, Water
Fri., Aug. 15; Sat., Aug. 16
Your hands may get wet as you investigate water in its different states, create your own filter to clean water, and more. Can you get a water drop to travel through a maze?


Discover the Wonders of Nature
Fri., Aug. 29; Sat., Aug. 30
How is a bird's beak related to the type of food it eats? We'll explore the form and function of beaks, try our hand at a variety of tasks without our opposable thumbs, and meet some of Explora's educational animals.


Bathroom Science
Fri., Sep. 12; Sat., Sept. 13
Adults are always telling you to wash your hands, so find out why as you explore bathroom science. We will explore the spread of germs, test different soaps, and make our own hand cleanser to share at home with our family.


Levers, Pulleys, and Ramps
Fri., Sep. 26; Sat., Sept. 27
Explore these three simple machines and discover how they can make work easier. Find out where these simple machines are used and create a chain reaction using levers, pulleys, and ramps.’s Tops! 
Fri., Oct. 10; Sat., Oct. 11
Experiment with spinning and twirling, looping and whirling. Test different sizes of axles and spinners of various materials; then make your own spinning creation to take home.


Colors on the Move
Fri., Oct. 24; Sat., Oct. 25
Use chromatography to reveal the hidden colors in magic markers, food coloring, and more. Then, use your new skills to create colorful “butterflies” to take home.


Bright Light, Cool Colors
Fri., Nov. 7; Sat., Nov. 8
Discover how light and color behave with liquids.Use test tubes and pigments to create multicolored mixtures. Experiment with a variety of translucent and opaque materials. Take home an artful creation inspired by stained glass artists.


Current Circuits
Fri., Nov. 21; Sat., Nov. 22
Take charge of wires, lights, and motors to create a series of circuits. Add crafted switches to control the flow of energy through a model house.


Science is Sweet
Fri., Dec. 5; Sat., Dec. 6
Explore the properties of various types of sugars as you examine samples with microscopes and create new mixtures. Use different types of candy to experiment with melting, color change, and more.

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Children (under 1): Free
Children (1-11): $4.00
Adults (12-64): $8.00
Seniors (65+): $5.00

Groups: Reservations Required.
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It’s time for Explora’s 2014 fall semester programs

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Cancelation policy

If a cancelation is received at least 5 business days before the first class, a refund will be issued for the amount minus a 15% administration fee. Cancelations received fewer than 5 business days before the first class will not be refunded. Full fees will be refunded if Explora cancels a program.