STEM-NM is New Mexico’s nationally designated STEM Learning Ecosystem. We are working to increase equity in and access to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) experiences for students in our community in order to prepare them for jobs in our local science, technology, and health care sectors.

We are a network of organizations throughout New Mexico working together to prepare our students with the STEM background needed to enter the 21st century workforce. We are a geographically and organizationally diverse group of institutions collaborating to expand equity in and access to STEM education.

Bridging the STEM Education Gap in New Mexico!

What does STEM-NM do?

STEM-NM supports cross-sector collaborations between its members to enable each partner to contribute his or her unique expertise and expose students to the broad array of career pathways. Our initiatives include:

12 months of math

12 Months of Math is a citywide initiative to help Albuquerque families engage with math and help them prepare for good jobs in our local industries. Through this initiative we provide community-based, culturally-relevant family math programs for the public. Each month of math focuses on a selected theme and provides math activities in a real-world context, supported by local businesses and organizations whose work relates to that month’s theme. Learn more

nm science fiesta

The New Mexico Science Fiesta is a celebration of the amazing world of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Local science, tech, educational, and cultural organizations offer ways to explore the science of virtual reality, forensics, nature, robots, neuroscience, math, maker science, and much more! Learn more

STEM-NM Contributes in Workshops on Alternative Assessments.

Starting in the fall of 2017, STEM-NM has had several workshops on alternative assessments in order to inform what assessments for NM students might look like in the future. These workshops were meant to gather ideas of what types of assessments already exist within the ecosystem and what types of assessments or characteristics of assessments we might recommend. This work was done with the aim of sharing these ideas with a larger gathering of local, state and national stakeholders.

Well, last month, Learning Alliance NM hosted this larger gathering to investigate innovative assessment ideas for students in New Mexico. This two-day gathering took place on March 13-14 and STEM-NM had several members in attendance to be able to share some of what came out of our workshops.

Attached is an overview report that Learning Alliance has put out on this March gathering as well as next steps. The report also includes slides from some national experts who presented to the gathering.

Thank you to STEM-NM for you work and input on this worthwhile endeavor. There is still lots more to do on this and if you would like to be more involved, please let me know.
Mitchell Whittier
STEM-NM Manager
Explora Science Center & Children’s Museum
alternative assessment
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Participating organizations increase STEM education and achievement.

Who participates in STEM-NM?

STEM-NM participants are men and women from companies and organizations related to science, technology, engineering, and math industries. Our leader groups include individuals from:

Color Explora Logo intel sandia national laboratories university of new mexico
 Central New Mexico Community College  New Mexico PTA      New Mexico Out of School Time

Contact STEM-NM:

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our organization or how you can participate.

Mitchell Whitter
STEM-NM Manager
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