Enrichment Science Classes at Wet Paint Art Studio

114 S. Water St., Las Cruces, NM 88001

Spring 2019

For 2–5th graders (ages 7–10 years),

Tuesdays 9:30–11am

April 2019 Explorations Schedule

Tuesday 4/9/2019

Energy Transformers: These energizing activities offer exploration into the different forms of energy! Investigate how these forms are converted from one to another. Experiment with “Newton’s Cradles” and build wind turbines that produce electricity.

Tuesday 4/16/2019

Chance or Lucky Guess: By flipping coins, rolling dice, picking marbles from a jar, and collecting data on candy, we discover that some outcomes are predictable. We’ll run experiments, collect data, and determine the probabilities of certain outcomes for independent events.

Tuesday 4/23/19

Exciting Electricity: Use batteries and wires to light a bulb, and explore open and closed circuits. Then make a gigantic complete circuit you won’t forget!

Tuesday 4/30/19

Art Bots: Apply your knowledge of circuits as you combine motors and batteries with markers and recyclable materials make a simple robot that draws.


May 2019 Explorations Schedule

Tuesday 5/7/19

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Investigate reflection and symmetry by comparing images in reflective materials. Build kaleidoscopes and make symmetrical art!

Tuesday 5/14/19

Jump Rope Math: How far will you go as you jump, skip, measure, investigate, and graph? Jumping rope can be seriously fun when you go to great lengths making predictions about travel, proportions, and number of skips.

Tuesday 5/21/19

Beautiful Bubbles: Get ready for some soapy fun as students use a variety of materials and solutions to experiment with bubble blowing. Students observe the colors in a bubble and make colorful bubble prints.

Tuesday 5/28/19

Be a Rock Star: This isn’t about music; it’s about geology! Use microscopes and magnifying loupes to discover the main types of rocks, model the rock cycle, and perform a series of tests to unearth a mystery mineral.

Art Bots, Las Cruces

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