Home School Explorations Series for grades 6-8 (ages 11-14)

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Explora’s Home School Explorations Series offers your child a semester of weekly, hour-long experiential science, technology, and art programs. Each Exploration is facilitated by Explora educators. These are hour-long, materials-rich classes that actively engage every child in inquiry activities. In these classes, children will make discoveries in science, technology, engineering, art, and math through questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Children will be encouraged to build their own knowledge and cultivate skills such as observation, creativity, critical thinking, cooperative learning, communication, and innovation as they explore a different topic each week.

Fall 2019 Semester
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September 16–December 9, 2019

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  • Mondays, 1-2pm


Home School grades 6-8

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September 16–December 9, 2019

Fall 2019 Explorations Schedule

Go With the Flow

What is Bernoulli’s Principle? Levitate balls and make an egg jump from one container to another to find out how airplanes fly and birds soar. The science of fluid dynamics is a great way to engage our natural curiosity and connect us to the world.


Become a maker and inventor as you transform everyday materials to  solve design challenges while building engineering and design skills. What are the many ways cardboard can be transformed?

Water on the Move

How does water move through the soil? Be a water engineer as you design, build, and test aquifer models to track contaminants, water tables, and well levels.

Playing Around with Polymers

What is a polymer? Do the properties of polymers change when they’re made from different substances? We’ll investigate the properties of this special material by making a number of different polymers and comparing their bounciness, stretchiness, and more.

Play Ball

Have a ball exploring bounciness, elasticity, velocity, and more! Play with flexible tracks and a variety of balls to make discoveries about the effect of mass on collisions and the ways to affect velocity.

Forced into Action

Get on the move with Sir Isaac Newton and discover the laws that govern motion. Eggs may break and balls will fly as we experiment with simple tools to learn about inertia and to determine the forces, velocity, and acceleration of objects in motion.

Facts of the Matter

Atoms in motion—fast or slow—determine the states of matter we know. We’ll use liquid nitrogen (-320° Fahrenheit) and other materials to explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gases.

Plasma Scrutiny

Solids, liquids, gases…and plasma! Explore plasma, the fourth state of matter. What happens to gas molecules in plasma, and how does the gas affect the plasma’s color? Investigate a plasma ball and use a spectroscope to identify the type of gas based on its color.

Up in Flames

Put on your safety glasses as we experiment with combustion and explore oxygen’s effect on flames. Can you keep your forest of matchsticks from going up in flames?

Chance or Lucky Guess?

By flipping coins, rolling dice, picking marbles from a jar, and collecting data on candy, we discover that some outcomes are predictable. We’ll run experiments, collect data, and determine the probabilities of certain outcomes for independent events.

Yucca, Yucca, Yucca

What’s the difference between soap and detergent? How does either one compare with a natural soap made from yucca roots? In this exploration you can “suds up” with lab techniques designed to compare and test the power of these cleansing agents.

Pigments of Your Imagination: The Chemistry of Art and Science

Do artists need to understand chemistry? Explore the art-science connection by using pigments to make your own paints. Then use your handmade paints to create an original work of art!

For more information about this program please contact our Reservations office.

Phone: 505-224-8341
Email: reservations@explora.us
Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323

Explora’s Home School Explorations Series

Explora educators develop camp activities with children’s developmental levels in mind. Your children will have the opportunity to learn from, and work with older and younger peers and make new friends.


  • You can register online, by phone, or download and mail/fax the completed registration form.
  • Please have the following available when you register: emergency contact name and phone numbers; name of alternate adults who can pick up the child; child’s medications, dosages, and physician’s name; child’s insurance information, as well as any allergy or special needs information for your child.

Call: 505-224-8341. Our reservations office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Para español, llame al 505-224-8323, de lunes a viernes, 9am-5pm.
Email: reservations@explora.us
Mail: Explora Reservations 1701 Mountain Rd. NW Albuquerque, NM 87104
Fax: 505-224-8325

Cancellation Policy
  • If a cancellation is received more than 5 business days before the first class, a refund will be issued for the amount minus a 15% administrative fee.
  • Cancellations received 5 business days or fewer before the first class will not be refunded.
  • Full fees will be refunded if Explora cancels a program.

Explora is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all purchases at our store are always tax-free. Proceeds from your purchases at Ideas, the store at Explora, help fund our programs and exhibits.

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