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Explora is a new kind of learning place, providing real experiences with real things that put people’s learning in their own hands.

Explora strives to provide exhibits that nurture thoughtful activity. Science, technology and art exhibits are designed to engage visitors of all ages.

The scale of most exhibits is small, fitting on tabletops. The parts are hand-sized and made for handling. We try to make exhibits with interactive qualities, such that both exhibit and users are changed even in small and unexpected ways by the encounter. There is evidence of previous activity for the next user.
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Explora's exhibit areas include:


Engineering Gravity / La ingeniería de la gravedad

Experiment with balls and ramps to slow down the effects of gravity. How can you use friction, slope, and momentum to send a marble down a ramp on a pegboard wall?


Agua de la vida; La vida del agua / Water of Life; Life of Water

 Explore water and its unique characteristics. Is water sticky? Can it flow uphill? What patterns will water make when different objects interrupt its flow?


KneeHiSci and KneeHiSci - al aire libre / outdoors

Experiments for out youngest visitors.


Taller de artes manuales y artesanías / Arts and Crafts Workshop

Work with recycled materials for making things. can you make an object that is physically or visually balanced? Can you make something that doesn't look like anything else?


Aire en movimiento / Moving Air

Experiment with air and the things it can do. What happens when you squeeze air? What is the best way to cut a paper cup to help it fly? Is there a relationship between air speed and air pressure?

Light, Shadow, Color / Luz, sombra, color

Investigate light. Can you make light bounce? What affects how much light will bend? What makes things focused or blurry? What makes a shadow big or small? What produces a yellow shadow? What can an infrare light detector see that your eye cannot?


Math Moves! / ¡Movidas matemáticas!

Get a feel for proportion - fractions, ratios, similarity, scaling, and percentages. Can you balance weight the same way you balance an equation? Why might a 120-tooth gear (the drawing platform) create a 5-segmented pattern when driven by a 24-tooth gear? What might the pattern be when a 36-tooth gear drives the 120? How do the locations of a weight or of pivot points change the force needed to lift a lever?


Barra de experimentación / Experiment Bar

Home of the weekly table top experiments and a place where students can run science fair experiments.


Paradox Café / Café de las paradojas

Explore your perception. Are your eyes or your brain telling you the truth? How can our eyes be misled? How do black, white, shades of grey, and shadow affect our brains' interpretations?


Las formas de los sonidos / Shapes of Sounds

Discover properties of sound and vibration. What happens to the sound of an object when you make part of it shorter or longer? What do sounds feel like? What is the difference in the meow of a kitten and the roar of a lion? How does the mass of an object affect the way it vibrates or the sounds that it makes?


My Chain Reaction /  Mi reacción en cadena

Manipulate energy moving through a system. Can you string together a series of objects that react, like dominoes, to cause actions and reactions through multiple components?


Descargas, corrientes y circuitos / Charges, Currents and Circuits

Experiment with electricity. How can you make electricity? What does electricity need in order to flow and do the work we want it to do? What happens to electricity transmitted over a distance? How does a switch work? Can you make a light bulb turn on with only two wires?


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Closed on Jan. 1, July 4, the week after Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Dec. 25. We close early at 2 pm on Dec. 24 and 31.



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