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Explora is a new kind of learning place, providing real experiences with real things that put people’s learning in their own hands.

Explora strives to provide exhibits that nurture thoughtful activity. Science, technology and art exhibits are designed to engage visitors of all ages.

The scale of most exhibits is small, fitting on tabletops. The parts are hand-sized and made for handling. We try to make exhibits with transactive qualities, such that both exhibit and users are changed even in small and unexpected ways by the encounter. There is evidence of previous activity for the next user.

Explora's newest exhibit areas include:

Luz, sombra, color/Light Shadow ColorEXH LSC 082312 20524-forWEBPAGE

How do you make a green chile pepper appear black or a yellow flower appear red? We invite you to experiment in this area, which opened in summer 2012, and find out for yourself. Here art and science come together as a means of exploring the properties of light.

Using a variety of tools and materials you can thoughtfully investigate and playfully explore light, shadow and color to appreciate, provoke and convey ideas through artful interactions. Experiments with light, optics, color and perception also offer insight into principles of physics, math and biology. In addition to changing the apparent color of objects, other activities include refracting light with different lenses at a telescope activity or a ray table and exploring how various lights and movement provide interesting and even unexpected shadows.


 Math Moves!/ ¡Movidas matemáticas!MAT EXH 020312 18503 Sizing Up-WEBexhPage-re

This exhibit area stimulates your math imagination. It opened in spring 2011, and here you can try out more than fifteen exhibits designed for people of all ages. You don't need any special mathematical interest or background. You can use your body and your brains to investigate and discover ideas about ratio and proportion. Drawing geometric shapes, measuring light and shadow, creating patterns using gears of different ratios are some of the activities that are a real ‘plus’ for the whole family!

"I think we are so lucky to have Explora in Albuquerque!
Thank you for the beautiful exhibits and lovely staff."

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