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Overnight Camp-Ins

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Spend the Night at Explora

Explora Overnight Camp-Ins will not be offered in the year to come but will return in the spring of 2014. Please check back with Explora in the fall of 2013 for more details.

We know you’re never ready to leave Explora when the time comes... now you don’t have to! Spend the night instead. Explora’s overnight camp-in program immerses campers in our transactive exhibit activities and stimulating classroom explorations. Then, it’s "lights out" in the exhibit hall.


Explora overnights are for groups of 1st-8th graders and their adult chaperones. There is a maximum of 60 students. One adult chaperone is required for every six students. Chaperones are responsible for bedding down and overnight behavior during lights-out.

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Camp-Ins begin at 6:30pm and end at 8:30am the following day (Friday and Saturday nights, September through May). Please make reservations four weeks in advance by calling the Reservations Coordinator at (505) 224-8341 or emailing

Para ayuda en español, llame al (505) 224-8323

Cost: $35 per student.

Required chaperones (one for every six students) are free. Extra chaperones are $25 each.

There is a minimum total fee** of $1,400 for an Overnight Camp-In program.

This includes:

  • Exploration of 250 hands-on exhibit activities
  • Experiential, inquiry-based activities in unique classroom explorations
  • Access to the Explora Theater for programming or a bed-time movie
  • A snack, pizza dinner, and breakfast
  • Explora education staff 
  • Souvenir

**There are also specific open registration dates when smaller groups, such as small school groups, Girl Scout groups, or Boy Scout groups,

 (with a minimum of 16 students) can be accommodated. The smaller groups will partake in all activities with other scheduled groups. Please check back in the fall of 2013 for more information and dates.

We suggest that students and chaperones wear comfortable clothes that they can also sleep in and each should bring:

  • sleeping bags and pillows (sleeping mats will be provided)
  • toiletries
  • an extra layer of clothing (in case it cools down at night)

Classroom Program Choices

In addition to exploring the exhibit hall, your group will participate in two experiential programs. Choose two programs from the following:

Mirror Me

Students explore the amazing properties of mirrors and kaleidoscopes as they discover the wonderful images and colorful patterns they can get when angles and symmetry come into play.


Go With the Flow

What is Bernoulli’s Principle? Spray water, levitate a ball, and make an egg jump from one container to another to find out how airplanes fly and birds soar. Come investigate the science of fluid dynamics! 


Magnets All Around

They repulse, they attract! Students experiment with a variety of magnets to explore their properties and behaviors. They’ll also discover how electricity and magnetism are related as they assemble and test electromagnets. 


Good Vibrations

Catch a wave... a sound wave, that is! Students experiment with vibrations to learn how sound is produced and how it acquires its specific qualities. Find out how sound travels through various materials and how to tell whether it is coming or going.



Crazy about Chromatography

Inside an ordinary black marker is a rainbow of color waiting to escape! Students investigate how paper chromatography is used to separate the components of mixtures. They will test colored markers, candy, and leaves to see what unexpected colors each contains. 


Light and Shadow

How are shadows made? What is white light made of? Students use light boxes to explore the basic properties of white and colored light, including reflection and refraction, and investigate the properties of lenses.