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Robo Task Force


Spring Semester 2015
January 27 - April 28
12 Weeks (No program 2/17 and 3/31)
Tuesdays, 4-5:30 pm 

Put your imagination into motion!
  Join the club and explore construction, materials development, electronics principles, and robotics systems and design. Returning students can participate in these activities and specially designed Level II challenges. Build your experiences with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) as you make robots! For more details about curriculum, please call the course instructor at 505-224-8312.

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You can also call 505-224-8341 to register.

Class fees:
Explora Members- $195
Non-Members- $230

 STEM learning made fun with robots:

  • Investigate the Science of energy and motion while designing a robotic system of your own.
  • Get comfortable with Technology using sensors and microcontrollers that respond to touch, light, sound, etc.
  • Engineer and re-engineer robot bodies to compete in challenges like sumo bot wrestling.
  • Use human intelligence to program robots while applying Mathematics to solve a variety of problems.

Class Schedule:

Weeks 1 - 4

Think like a robot: Experiment with Pico Blocks, Arduino Microcontrollers, Little Bits, Arduino Lilypads and others to learn the basics of programming computers and robots. Find out how machines use electronic connections to interact with other machines and people. Explore basic electricity using motors, prototype boards, and conductive thread.

Weeks 5 - 8

Build robotic systems: Create a ping pong ball thrower, then add a sensor to control it. Using motors, sensors, and LEDs, re-engineer old electronics and recycled materials into a robot of your design. Test your results by having your robot interact with other robots or computer sensors.

Weeks 9 - 12

Engage in robot missions: Work with Lego® Mindstorm™ robots and plan a strategy to complete your team’s mission to Mars. Use motion control and positional calculations to win a sumo bot challenge. Create a model to accomplish a space mission: deflect asteroids threatening Earth, clean up space debris, or mine a comet.


Activities change each semester.


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