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Robo Task Force for grades 3-7


Spring Semester 2017
January 24 - April 25


Put your imagination into motion!

Join the club and explore construction, materials development, electronics principles, and robotics systems and design. Build your experiences with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as you use Arduino™ C-based software and other programs to build frames and bodies, create robot armature, and engineer the wiring of robot systems!


Explora Members $195
Non-Members $230


Sessions meet every Tuesday.
No session Feb. 21 and Mar. 21.

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STEM learning made fun with robots:

  • How do robots use the Science of energy and motion? Adapt your robot to compete in student piloted challenges such as obstacle courses and autonomous (not remote controlled) robot challenges.
  • Get comfortable with Technology using sensors and microcontrollers that respond to touch, light, sound, etc. Have them perform simple task or control complex electronics.
  • Investigate Engineering a ping-pong ball launcher and shaping other mechanical systems from recycled materials.
  • Use human intelligence to program robots while applying Mathematics to design a blueprint for your team's robt to pick up "space junk".

Class Schedule:

Weeks 1-2, Tuesdays, January 24 & 31: Programming Robots plus AI
Use computer code to make robots and robotic components perform complex tasks. Experiment with programming using a Pico® Cricket® microcontroller to make a sensor that responds to touch, light, or pressure.  Use a simple math formula to have your microcontroller use AI (artificial intelligence) to guess your number.


Weeks 3-4, Tuesdays, February 7 & 14 (No class Feb. 21): Engineering Mechanical Systems
Use recycled materials and motors to build a ping pong ball launcher. Next, construct a simple hovercraft or other propeller driven system. Take home your project home.


Weeks 5-6, Tuesdays, February 28 & March 7: Build a Household Device using Arduino™ Microcontrollers
Look “under the hood” and find out what makes electronic objects tick when you explore Arduino™ Microcontrollers - the world’s most popular microcontroller.  Use a Sparkfun™ kit to build an automatic pet feeder or other useful household device.


Weeks 7-8, Tuesdays, March 14 & 28 (No class March 21): Build a Robot Body and Program Robots
Build a redbot chassis for your robot body, then program an Arduino™ MicrocontrollersArduino to drive it.  Become acquainted with the EV3® LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots by programming them to perform tasks.  LEGO®, MINDSTORMS®, and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group.
Weeks 9, Tuesdays, April 4: Engage in Robot Missions
Work with LEGOLego® MINDSTORMSMindstorm®Lego® Mindstorm™ RCX robots and use all the skills you have developed to plan a strategy to complete your team’s mission to Mars. Use all the skills you have developed. LEGO®, MINDSTORMS®, and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group.

Weeks 10-12, Tuesdays, April 11, 18, & 25: EV3 Task Force
You and your team’s robot will, compete with other teams’ robots to follow a maze, play space music on a keyboard, and pick up “space junk.”


Class topics change each semester.
LEGO® and MINDSTORMS® are trademarks of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site.

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