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Science to Grow On™ (grades K-3)


Spring Semester 2015
January 17 to May 9

Science to Grow On is an engaging expericence for children in kindergarten through third grade. In these classes, children learn about science by questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Participation of parents or adult caregivers is encouraged, but not required.
Each session of Science to Grow On meets every other week. Class periods include over an hour of activities focusing on inquiries in science and art. Following the programs, there is time to enjoy a snack.

Please choose one of the sessions offered this semester:

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You can also call 505-224-8341 to register.

Class Fees:
Explora members-$140

Class Schedule:

Chill out
Saturday, January 17
Discover how super-cool science is as we test a variety of substances and their reactions to ice.  Melt away any preconceived ideas as we experiment with temperature, shape, and size… with shattering results!


Chemical changes
Saturday, January 31
Explore chemical changes as you mix chemicals to produce reactions. Make mixtures that change color, fizz and foam, or get hot or cold.


you won't believe your eyes
Saturday, February 14
Discover how straight lines can bend and explore how movies are made, as you play with toys and use art to investigate persistence of vision. Discover how this phenomena creates optical illusions in your brain. 


Polymer play
Saturday, Febuary 28
What is a polymer? Discover the properties of this special material as you make your own polymer slime, use heat to shrink polymers into small artifacts, and much more.  


Printing patterns
Saturday, March 14
Patterns are all around us. We’ll explore the nature of numbers and examples of symmetry in art. We’ll use printmaking techniques to create patterns of our own. 


sand, silt, and clay
Saturday, March 28
What is silt? What is sand? Use microscopes to examine sand from a variety of locations. Make your own sand, explore the wonders of clay, and create your own clay pot or sculpture to take home.

How does your garden grow

Saturday, April 11
Discover a plant’s origin by dissecting a seed and finding out what makes it grow. Investigate seeds, soils, and roots. Take your plantings home and watch them grow.


under construction
Saturday, April 25
Test your engineering skills and explore what materials make the best structures. Create your own container to safely transport an egg in our “egg drop challenge,” and much more. 


bubble solutions
Saturday, May 9
Use a variety of materials and solutions to experiment with bubble blowing. Make colorful bubble prints to take home.



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