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Early Childhood Teacher & Provider Workshops at Explora

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Motivate and excite student learning!

Get ideas on how to integrate science, math, art, and literacy into your classroom. Facilitated by state-approved Early Childhood Trainers, these workshops are designed to inspire confidence in exploring science topics in the early childhood classroom and provide participants with a Continuing Education Certificate for 2 competency hours.

Competency 1: Child Growth, Development  & Learning
Competency 5: Learning Environment & Curriculum Implementation
(You may choose one, or split the time among multiple competencies.)


  • $20 per person, per workshop
  • Groups (up to 20 people) at Explora or your site: $320

Choose your Workshop

Tuesday, September 27, 5-7pm

Easy, Breezy: A Gust of Air

Have you ever marveled at the air around you? Can you make a ball levitate? Can you make an egg jump from one container to the next? You'll experiment with the power of air as you discover how airplanes fly and birds soar. You'll also learn techniques for making and testing hot air balloons in the classroom!


Saturday, January 21, 1-3pm

Get it to Balance

What can you get to balance? Explore balance, movement, and design by constructing sculptures in the style of Alexander Calder's mobiles. We will compare and contrast symmetry and asymmetry in design and weight, and explore cause and effect by trying to balance weights and physically work out visual choices.


Tuesday, April 11, 5-7pm

The World of Plants

Investigate plants from the roots up. How do plants eat? Investigate a variety of seeds, dissect one and find out what makes it grow. How do some plants reproduce without seeds? Come find out as we investigate the world of plants.


Reservations office: 505-224-8341
Para información en español, llame al 505-224-8323.

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