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Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Amador, Rebecca Visitor Services Facilitator 505-244-8373
Andrade, Edwina Reservations Manager 505-244-8341
Arzate, Genaro Custodian & Maintenance Technician 505-224-8345
Baca, Connie Jo Educator
Barrera Guerrero, Andres Educator 505 224-8328
Bashton, Tajha Birthday Party Facilitator
Belleranti, Toni Educator 505 224-8395
Bippes, Janet Educator, Regional Outreach (Gallup)
Bledsoe, Vince Education Projects Fellow 505-224-8368
Bohnhoff, Matt Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Bologna, Kate Webmaster/Marketing Assistant 505-224-8309
Brody, Allison Educational Services Director 505-224-8372
Brown, Holly Educator, Regional Outreach (Las Cruces)
Brown-Meeks, Erin Educator, Regional Outreach (Las Cruces)
Carr, Amy Publications & Marketing Manager 505-224-8346
Chavez, Charles Custodian & Maintenance Technician 505-224-8340
Chino, Conlin Educator 505 224-8387
Coe, Cameron Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Contreras, Caralyn Educator, Regional Outreach (Las Cruces)
Cooperrider, Carol Graphic Designer 505 224-8307
Corral, Magaly Rentals & Office Coordinator 505 224-8305
Curtis, Tom Educator & Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8392
De La Cruz, Alejandra Visitor Services Facilitator
De La Rue, Rubin Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Deets, Andrea Exhibits & Floor Experience Logistics Coordinator 505-224-8393
Dill, Duane Educator 505 224-8385
Dill, Kristoffer Custodian & Maintenance Technician 505-224-8345
Dilley, Kevin Educator 505-224-8382
Duda, Len Educator 505-244-8394
Duda, Pat Educator 505-244-8394
Edmon, Deja Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Enriquez, Karen Exhibits & Floor Experience Coordinator 505-224-8364
Flink, Eve Educator
Gonzáles, Isabel Office Coordinator 505 224-8323
Gonzalez, Alicia Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Griego, Marla Educator 505 224-8312
Grybko, Tamara Program & Data Evaluation Manager 505-224-8311
Hastings, Joe Executive Director 505 224-8302
Henderson, Tara Education Services Manager 505 224-8394
Hernandez, Manny Facilities Manager 505-224-8361
Kinney, Kristen Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Kramm, Kolbey Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8373
Larson, Josh Exhibit Developer 505 224-8308
Lauderdale, Drew Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Lebya, Joan Educator, Regional Outreach (Gallup)
Leigh, Kristin Deputy Director & Director of Community Engagement 505 224-8380
Lemieux, Odette Visitor Services Facilitator 505 224-8364
Leung, Susan Camp Program Manager and Educator 505-224-8381
Macias, Gary Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Madrid, Irene Visitor Services Facilitator 505 224-8364
Makofske, Matt Director of Administration and Special Projects 505-224-8326
Martos, Anita Educator, Regional Outreach (Las Cruces)
Mazariegos, Kevin Custodian & Maintenance Technician 505-224-8345
McConaughy, Jeff Educational Projects Fellow 505-224-8368
McNew, Roger Network Administrator 505 224-8344
Meyer, Eric STEM Learning Coordinator 505 224-8386
Miller, Kat Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Montoya, Shane Dir. of Exhibits, Floor Experience, and Ops 505-224-8306
Moran, George Lead Exhibit Developer 505-224-8304
Nakigan, Kobiana Visitor Services Facilitator 505 224-8364
Neeley, Rosemary Educator
Ortiz, Mike Exhibit Technician 505-224-8318
Parks, Jonathan Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8383
Patel, Nim Visitor Services Facilitator 505 224-8364
Pedro, Randy Membership & External Relations Manager 505-224-8363
Pillars, Trisha Exhibits & Floor Experience Manager 505-224-8373
Pratt, Sarah Science Writer & Educator 505-224-8320
Quinones, Tony Visitor Services Facilitator 505 224-8364
Roanhorse, Victoria Educator 505-224-8358
Sagbakken, May Executive Director, NM Out-of-School Time Network 505-224-8324
Sandoval, Yvette Front End and Weekend Manager 505-224-8343
Schub, Drora Volunteer Program Manager 505 224-8362
Seibert, Claire Educator, Regional Outreach (Gallup)
Shiel, Amber Educator 505-224-8316
Silver, Ajasha Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Sorensen, David Birthday Party Facilitator
Stromberg, Daniel Exhibits & Floor Experience Public Programs Coordinator 505-224-8391
Taylo, Jeff Exhibit Developer 505 224-8313
Thompson, Denise Youth Intern Program Manager 505-224-8388
Torres, Raymond Custodian & Maintenance Technician 505-224-8345
Tsosie, Chamique Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8373
Urban, Alexandria Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Valley, Monica Visitor Services Facilitator 505-224-8364
Voights, Nicki Accounting Manager 505-224-8319
Walker, Rachelle Visitor Services Facilitator 505 224-8364
Williams, Ed Exhibits Projects Fellow 505-224-8306
Wunder, Marc APS / Explora Liaison 505-253-0330 Ext. 67024

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